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  • Letath

    Ruled by the iron fist of the Imperial Despot and his Genasi court, Letath’s slaves work the last known salt mine. With many buildings faced in marble the city appears to glow a burnished bronze in the morning …

  • Dolem

    The farmlands around Dolem are largely populated by humans and halflings. One of the few islands large and sheltered enough to support agriculture Dolem is the Cloudsea’s breadbasket. Officially ruled by the hereditary king of Dolem the growing …

  • Granite spire

    Granite Spire was founded on the meeting of two diametrically opposed settlements: the Dwarven mines riddling the spire and the Elven groves on the large neighboring island.
    Since the cataclysm the Elves and Dwarves have reached an uneasy …

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