Thavyre Daardendrian

Dragonborn cleric, who seeks to attain the title of preistess. Is good at bopping things with her mace.


will fill in when it is not 6.30 a.m


Thavyre is is a cleric on a mission to save her sister acolyte and best friend who has had her soul taken by a demon as retribution at the last second for banishing him at the parentless dragonling nest for good girls and boys (or better name to be changed later) she now lies motionless but not yet dead. with a little bit of divine intervention she is set on the path of where she needs to be and will help as many people as she can along the way. she is not very fond of demons or things that should remain dead(by that I mean she wouldn’t mind giving their butts a good kicking minsc style), oozes squick her and the less we talk about sheep the better!

Thavyre Daardendrian

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